Friday, January 3, 2014

The New Year is here! Have you resolved to write all the words? #writemotivation

Wow, it's already a new year...2014 is here! How did that happen? Since it's that time of year, you know what that means... New Year's Resolutions!
5 Writing Resolutions for the Weaver of Words

1. I resolve to…make time for writing.

This sounds like something that shouldn't need to be on this list because writers write, right? Most definitely! But writers are also human, and excuses are always nipping at our heels. Day jobs, kids, sleep, life in general seem to throw roadblocks in our paths, but we must push onward and write those words. Any words count, whether it's for an outline, plot summary, or writing exercises. Getting in the habit of daily writing will work wonders.

2. I resolve to…embrace my personal writing style.

There's no right way to write. If you like to plot, plot, plot then go for it! If you'd rather just fly by the seat of your pants there's no shame in that! Do whatever works best for you.

3. I resolve to…self-edit as I write.

Say what? You'll have to check out the full Writer's Digest post for this one... You may be surprised by what you find!

4. I resolve to…step outside my comfort zone.

This can be a scary thing to do, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Not sure how to switch things up? Try testing the waters by reading a genre that you've never written or read before. A science fiction writer may discover a hidden talent for writing thrillers!

5. I resolve to…call myself a writer.

If you love words and have this burning desire to see them form characters that are so real you want them as best friends and plots full of twisty goodness--or evilness--then you're a writer.
Say it loud. Say it proud!

For more about New Years Resolutions for Writers, check out Writer's Digest.

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