Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Technical Tuesday: Perfectly Rational Reactions to a Zombie Apocalypse by @J_Ryan #YA #zombies

Perfectly Rational Reactions to a Zombie Apocalypse

Ryan Hill

If the zombies ever do come, a lot of us probably wish we could be like Daryl on The Walking Dead, kicking ass and changing names. But chances are that won’t happen. I know I’d hide, covering up my windows so nobody can tell if I’m home or not. I’d also use the nighttime to go out and collect food and other necessities for survival. But what would you do? Here are some perfectly rational reactions to a zombie apocalypse.

Try to get a glimpse of a zombie, maybe even a picture with one — Seriously. Who wouldn’t want to see a zombie? Once the cell phone signals went down, they’d become nothing more than cameras. Naturally some people would want to get a photo with one. A keepsake/future Facebook profile pic for when things returned to normal. If they ever did.

Be a deer in headlights — It happens in scary situations. You freeze. Can’t move. If someone doesn’t slap you across the face or push you out of the way, enjoy eating those brains, kiddo.

Become a zombie yourself — Let’s be serious for a moment. Some people would view the zombie apocalypse as a party. Not only that, they’d want to become a member of the walking dead. They’d think it was cool, or something. I think you’d stink like ass and eat raw brains all the time. No thanks.

Make a zombie your pet — Maybe this one is a reach. But having a pet zombie could be a lot of fun, provided they can’t turn you. And if you can teach them to do everyday things like mop, you’ve got free labor for life. It’s awesome.


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