Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Technical Tuesday: Laws to surviving a post-apocalyptic zombie world. Be. Prepared. #DeadNewWorld

When trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie world there are five important laws to keep in mind…

First – Zombies want to eat you. Never forget this. They are not your friends, family, or loved ones anymore. They will scratch, bite, and mangle you to get what they want… You. As. Food.

Second – Zombies cannot swim. They don’t possess the coordination to do this. However, they can follow you into the water and remain undead at the bottom of the ocean or lake. So, you know, don’t touch bottom!

Third – Zombies can’t communicate. They’re pretty much unaware of each other, but they seem to be in hordes because that’s normally where the prey is. They are attracted to sound, so they will find one another because of their moans.

Fourth – Zombies don’t run. So if you’re in a group of other humans, make sure there’s always another human behind you. Zombies can, however, lunge or seem faster than normal the closer they get to their prey.

Lastly – Run, fight, hide! Cos… If a zombie bites or scratches you: You’re screwed.

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