Monday, December 2, 2013

Muse Monday: Little Known Facts About Zombies by @J_Ryan. No candy. #justsayin

Little Known Facts About Zombies
Ryan Hill

Most people know the main facts about zombies — they like brains, don’t have a soul (or a pulse), and generally walk around moaning for no real reason. But did you know that even the walking dead have some peculiar tastes? Check it:

· Zombies don’t like candy. Or vegetables.
· The only song proven to get the dead to “break it down” is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” True story.
· Zombies don’t eat dogs. They’re even a dead man’s best friend.
· Zombies don’t clean up after themselves. They just leave the mess and move on. It’s murder on their clothes.
· Their favorite TV show is “The Golden Girls.” Probably something to do with older people kind of being like zombies anyway.
· Zombies may try to walk around like everybody else on Halloween, but they always get found out by their dead body stench. Every. Time.
· If given the choice, zombies like to wear Tommy Bahama. Not sure why.
· Zombies sometimes feel that books and movies treat them unfairly. As such, their favorite movie doesn’t involve a zombie. It’s Santa Claus: The Movie, starring Dudley Moore.
· Zombies have a way of evacuating waste from their body, but its an age old secret. They say the only way to find out is to become one of them.


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