Friday, December 13, 2013

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Can’t Get Enough of Those Zombies

Ryan Hill

Maybe they’re like the modern-day equivalent of an ‘80s slasher film, but people can’t get enough of zombies, including myself. What’s their appeal? I mean, think about it. Here are the main tenets of zombies:
They’re dead
They like brains
Either they move slow or fast

That’s it. Zombies are like a blank slate; there just isn’t much to them. Yet therein lies their endless appeal. Because of their generality, it leaves artists to mold and manipulate them into anything they see fit. You can’t really do that with vampires or werewolves. Well, you can change vampires by making them sparkly, but we all know how that turned out. Zombies you can do whatever you like with, provided they pretty much remain dead. And since there isn’t one specific way to kill them, at least apart from massive head trauma, you can kill them just about any way you see fit, making for lots of fun, grotesque deaths. They can also mean anything you want, either as a metaphor for consumerism, Nazis, whatever. Not only that, but their origins change from story to story. In reality, they came from the voodoo religion, but in the land of fiction, it can be a meteor, a virus, God getting sick of people, you name it. Half the fun of creating a zombie book or movie is studying what others have done before you and adding your own wrinkle to the zombie mythos.

You know what would be fun? If someone took a person who was a vegetarian, turned them into a zombie, then waited to see if they’d still be vegetarian. The person would just walk around, eating grass or plants like they were brains. Some food for thought, if you will.


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