Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Fun: Surviving in the United States after all hell breaks loose. #DeadNewWorld #zombies

After the Tribulation: the United States

Ryan Hill

For several years after the Tribulation, the United States was in ruin. With Washington, DC overrun, the government crumbled. Anarchy was the name of the game. The military did what they could to preserve order, but they had their hands full with the dead meat. Still do. After a massive push to save the nation’s capital from ruin, order finally began being restored. Forts have sprung up all over the East Coast, and some provide protection to civilians in Shantytowns.

Others, who were lucky enough at the beginning of the Tribulation, live out their lives on isolated islands, like in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Using the ocean as protection, these inhabitants live out their lives as if nothing ever happened.

To keep the military at a working level, every citizen is required to enlist at the age of sixteen for a nine-year tour helping destroy the zombies. Afterwards, they’re free to go back home or remain in the military in a different capacity. Most of them don’t make it to see seventeen.

Angry at being pressed into service, some people chose the freedom of the open road. The government may one day make them answer for turning their back on their country, but not now. These people are truly free, able to go wherever they want or do anything they wish. The open road is not without its problems, though. Cannibalism is rife due to a lack of food, there is zero protection from the zombies, and warlords, especially on the West Coast, have begun to arise.

Many in the government want to get things back to the way they were pre-Tribulation. Others hope to learn from the mistakes of the past to create a new and better world. For now, however, everyone must survive living in this dead new world. 


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