Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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adjective, wool·li·er, wool·li·est, noun, plural wool·lies.


1. consisting of wool: a woolly fleece.
2. resembling wool in texture or appearance: woolly hair.
3. clothed or covered with wool or something resembling it: a woolly caterpillar.
4. Botany . covered with a pubescence of long, soft hairs resembling wool.
5. like the rough, vigorous atmosphere of the early West in America: wild and woolly.
6. fuzzy; unclear; disorganized: woolly thinking. 


7. Western U.S. a wool-bearing animal; sheep.
8. Usually, woollies. a knitted undergarment of wool or other fiber.
9. any woolen garment, as a sweater.
10. Dialect. a dust ball.

Also, wooly.

1580–90; wool + -y1
Related forms
wool·li·ness, noun

Regional variation note
10. See dust ball.


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