Monday, November 25, 2013

Muse Monday: One day things were normal, the next the world had gone insane... #DeadNewWorld

The Tribulation

Ryan Hill

There’s no written record of the day of Tribulation, when all hell broke loose. Everything happened too fast. People were too terrified. After the fact, people were more concerned with survival than capturing history. Nobody even knows how it started. One day things were normal, the next the world had gone insane. Some people even welcomed the horror, running out into the street, arms wide open, excited for the chance to become a real, live monster.

The Book of Revelations calls the Great Tribulation the beginning of the end. The events that lead to the Second Coming. Well…they got the end part right at least.

Everything came crashing to a halt on the day of Tribulation. Before, this world belonged to the living. After, every day is a struggle not only for survival, but a battle between the living and the dead for control of the world. You were lucky to survive the first week. Odds were better of winning the lottery than living a month. If you made it to a year, you were truly blessed. Or damned, depending on your point of view.

“That’s what I think caused the Tribulation. Doctors were working on a super-vaccine that would keep people from ever getting sick again.” — Colleen (from Dead New World)


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