Monday, November 18, 2013

Muse Monday: Guest post by @J_Ryan! Who is the Reverend, Dead New World’s Villain? #zombies

The villain...

“Nobody knew much about the Reverend except what everybody did know—somehow, he had the ability to control the dead and, when the zombie outbreak began, he became the leader of a powerful cult hell-bent on converting every man, woman and child into a walking corpse. The Reverend preached that it was “God’s will.” He believed the zombie plague was the Lord’s new creation. That humanity was obsolete. He’d converted untold numbers to his cause. His Horsemen caused trouble up and down the East Coast, but nobody had seen the man himself in years. Guess this was his comeback.” — Holt

Who is the Reverend and his army of Horsemen? Some say he’s a prophet. Others, a terrorist. Rumor had it he was an actual reverend before the Tribulation. His strange grip over the zombies made him a force to be reckoned with. If the United States still had a Ten Most Wanted list, he’d take up numbers one through four. There is no greater threat to the restoration of the United States than the Reverend. If his plans to remake the world according to “God’s will,” are successful, what little remains of society will be destroyed, and humanity along with it.

He must be stopped at all costs.

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