Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kickstarter campaign goes live! #DeadNewWorld by Ryan Hill! #zombies #indie

Hello! All of us at Definition House are excited to announce that our first Kickstarter campaign launched today and will be live until December 14. We love Dead New World by Ryan Hill, and with your support we'll be able to bring his zombies to life.

Check out our Kickstarter page for more information.

To celebrate the launch, Ryan is posting about facing an outbreak of undead. Unleash the zombies, Ryan!

Is Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse Really That Difficult?

Imaging how we would react if a zombie apocalypse actually happened is fun. Maybe you’d become truly hardcore, kicking zombie ass and taking names along the way. Maybe you'd relish the chance to become a zombie. Me? I’d just want to survive until the whole thing blows over.

The chances are better that there would be a zombie outbreak than a zombie apocalypse, especially if they were of the slow moving variety. Fast ones? Forget about it. If the zombie virus, plague, whatever went unnoticed long enough for the deadies to hit a few major metropolitan areas, a true apocalypse could happen. But with the military, bombs, even nukes, chances may be pretty slim. Though you never know...

Say the true zombie apocalypse did happen. How do you survive? First, you’d have to be lucky. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could mean game over before you had a chance to say, “Cool! Zombies!” Surviving the initial onslaught would, in my opinion, be the most difficult part. If you had access to open water, hopping on a boat and living off fish for a while wouldn’t be a bad option. However, say you’re stuck inland. You can’t fly away, you can’t row row row your boat to safety. What can you do? 

This is what I would do:

Move only at daytime – Yes, the darkness of night can give you a chance to sneak around, but it also gives zombies a chance as well. And if they don’t groan at all, well…good luck to you.

Have a sweet ride – Sure, having a car like this won’t get you any girls, but once the zombies come, they’ll flock to you. Nothing says style like riding around in a car that will keep you safe from people trying to eat your brains.

Have a quiet weapon – Zombies have ears. Guns make noise. Do the math.

Have a fortified home base – Obviously, the more remote the better, but this can even be your home. Just make sure all entrances are secure, black out the windows with paint or aluminum foil, and bide your time until things calm down. If they ever do calm down.

Wear bite-proof clothes – It can be making a carpet coat a la Rot & Ruin, draping yourself in plastic, or putting on enough layers of clothing that zombies can’t bite through, this is essential. Because you’re going to run into trouble at some point. So what if its 95 degrees out and you’re dressed as if the temperature is 9.5? If the dead meat can’t bite you, you have a chance, even if you’re down on the ground surrounded by 50 of them.

Get some kind of heater, because it gets cold in the winter – Medicine will be in short supply and difficult to come by, so stay warm in the winter. You don’t want to get sick! You’re also going to be living off of canned food for the foreseeable future, and baked beans out of the can just taste gross.

Mostly though, just be smart. Zombies are dumb. They only like brains. It’s all they think about. Use it to your advantage. Survive the initial outburst of zombies and you might – might – just be okay.


Dead New World

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