Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Fun: Caught between two worlds... #DeadNewWorld by @J_Ryan

A glimpse into Holt and his best friend's life in this Dead New World...

Ryan Hill

“I turned to him and grinned, struck again by how he’d changed since basic training. He didn’t look like the kid I’d known practically my entire life anymore. He’d shot up and filled out, his built frame and square jaw making him look older than sixteen. Even though we were the same rank, I couldn’t help looking up to him, and I wasn’t the only one.” — Holt

Best friends for their entire lives, everything changed for Holt and Ambrose — especially Ambrose — the day they crossed paths with the Reverend. The zombie virus, like other viruses, aren’t 100% fatal. Some survive and go on to suffer a fate worse than death. Most survivors are destroyed, but not Ambrose. They spared him. Now, he’s forced to wear biohazard symbols everywhere he goes. He has to use different silverware than the others to eat. His fellow soldiers hate him. Say he should just kill himself. But not Holt. He saw through the patchy, grey skin and knew his friend was still there, underneath that mesh of living and dead flesh. Now he just has to decide: is he still human, or is he more zombie now?

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