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[n. kon-sawrt, v. kuhn-sawrt]

1. a husband or wife; spouse, especially of a reigning monarch. Compare prince consort, queen consort.
2. one vessel or ship accompanying another.
3. Music.
a. a group of instrumentalists and singers who perform music, especially old music.
b. a group of instruments of the same family, as viols, played in concert.
4. a companion, associate, or partner: a confidant and consort of heads of state.
5. accord or agreement.
6. Obsolete.
a. company or association.
b. harmony of sounds.
verb (used without object)
7. to associate; keep company: to consort with known criminals.
8. to agree or harmonize.
verb (used with object)
9. to associate, join, or unite.
10. Obsolete.
a. to accompany; espouse.
b. to sound in harmony.

1375–1425; late Middle English < Middle French < Latin consort- (stem of consors ) sharer, orig. sharing (adj.). See con-, sort
Related forms
con·sort·a·ble, adjective
con·sort·er, noun
con·sor·tion, noun
non·con·sort·ing, adjective


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