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1. a cloth or sheet in which a corpse is wrapped for burial.
2. something that covers or conceals like a garment: a shroud of rain.
3. Nautical. any of a number of taut ropes or wires converging from both sides on the head of a lower or upper mast of the outer end of a bowsprit to steady it against lateral sway: a part of the standing rigging.
4. Also called shroud line. Aeronautics. any of a number of suspension cords of a parachute attaching the load to the canopy.
5. Also called shroud·ing. Machinery.
a. (on a nonmetallic gear) an extended metal rim enclosing the ends of the teeth on either side.
b. (on a water wheel) one of two rings of boards or plates enclosing the buckets at their ends.
verb (used with object)
7. to wrap or clothe for burial; enshroud.
8. to cover; hide from view.
9. to veil, as in obscurity or mystery: They shrouded their past lives in an effort to forget.
10. to provide (a water wheel) with a shroud.
11. Obsolete . to shelter.
verb (used without object)
12. Archaic. to take shelter.

before 1000; (noun) Middle English; Old English scrūd; cognate with Old Norse skrūth; akin to shred; (v.) Middle English shrouden, derivative of the noun; replacing Middle English shriden, Old English scrȳdan, derivative of scrūd
Related forms
shroud·less, adjective
shroud·like, adjective


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