Monday, October 14, 2013

Today's #DailyDefinition brought to you by the word...aerie via @DefinitionHouse

Words. Everywhere. They surround me, meld to my bones, and comfort me. Suddenly, they’re gone. There is no text, only white…stark, blankness. Their absence leaves me longing, needing more. Always more. Then, it appears on the horizon of the page, and I succumb to my...


[air-ee, eer-ee] noun
1. the nest of a bird of prey, as an eagle or a hawk.
2. a lofty nest of any large bird.
3. a house, fortress, or the like, located high on a hill or mountain.
4. Obsolete. the brood in a nest, especially of a bird of prey.

Also, aery, eyrie, eyry.

1575–85; < Anglo-French, Old French airie, equivalent to aire (< Latin ager field, presumably “nest” in Vulgar Latin; see acre) + ie -y3 ; compare Medieval Latin aerea, aeria aerie, brood < Old French aire

Can be confused: 1. aerie, airy ; 2. aerie, eerie, Erie


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