Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Today's #DailyDefinition brought to you by the word...annexation via @DefinitionHouse

Words. Everywhere. They surround me, meld to my bones, and comfort me. Suddenly, they’re gone. There is no text, only white…stark blankness. Their absence leaves me longing, needing more. Always more. Then, it appears on the horizon of the page, and I succumb to my...


[an-ik-sey-shuhn, -ek-]

1. The act or an instance of annexing, especially new territory.
2. The fact of being annexed.
3. Something annexed

1605–15; < Medieval Latin annexātiōn- (stem of annexātiō), equivalent to annexāt ( us ) joined to (past participle of annexāre; see annex, -ate1 ) + -iōn- -ion

Related forms
an·nex·a·tion·al, adjective
an·ti·an·nex·a·tion, adjective
de·an·nex·a·tion, noun
non·an·nex·a·tion, noun
pro·an·nex·a·tion, adjective 


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