Monday, October 14, 2013

Muse Monday: Wherein author @pippajaygreen shares her inspirational nightmares. #bwahaha #writetip

Today the Muse is inspired by our very own Definition House author Pippa Jay!

As a child, I suffered bad recurrent nightmares, to the point where I still had to have the light on overnight even in my late teens. Eventually I managed to teach myself to wake up as a nightmare began, but it would still leave me huddled up in my blankets, back pressed to the wall sweaty and shaking. These days the nightmares are fewer, though rarely less vivid or less terrifying even as an adult.

But some of those deepest, darkest nightmares have become the frightening antagonists in my books. The Siah-dhu comes from the most basic of fears – darkness. It’s the shadow in the corner of your eye, the moonless night, the gaping black pit beneath your feet. Formless, limitless, it can block out the light, swamp all hope, chill you to the core and blind you. It’s more than just the absence of light. It’s the soul-sucking darkness that swallows you up.

Another fear that made its way into my books is masks. I don’t quite know what it is about them. Perhaps the lack of facial expression when someone wears them. The dark hollows it makes of their eyes. Perhaps it’s because you can’t see beyond the mask to the person behind it. There could be anything there. Your best friend or your worst enemy. Someone diseased. Something not even human. To me, the not knowing is far more terrifying than the most hideous monster imaginable. The unknown, the not-quite-seen, and the unexplained—things you can’t pin down—have a greater power to chill me. After all, you can’t kill a nightmare…

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