Monday, October 7, 2013

Muse Monday: Scaring--erm, prompting--your muse...if you dare. Bwa. Ha. Ha. #5sentences #GMC

Why hello. Come here. Closer. A little closer. There! *licks blade* 

Halloween is coming, and as we count down (24 days) to that glorious event of chocolate, spooks, and pumpkins, we write!

Scaring--erm, prompting--your muse...

Below you will find three pictures with suggestions. Use one or all of these pictures, and--if you dare--come up with a 5 sentence story and post it in the comments. Be sure to include Goal, Motivation, and Conflict. Evil, right? :P

Prompt 1

Male point-of-view (POV) of a child who likes to hide on this dock.

Prompt 2

POV of a zombie girl.

Prompt 3

Female POV of either an alien or a girl/woman lost in the woods.

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Kary said...

Here's mine from Prompt #3 -- The Keeper

Crop circles, the pyramids, legend and religion have one thing in common—a grain of truth, a scarred piece of the puzzled past. Science would eventually explain what magic and myth kept hidden, kept us in ignorance of.

Ducking low, I stumbled through the underbrush, searching for the entrance, knowing theirs was a secret they’d kill to keep. Relief flooded my shivering, sweat-soaked body as I heaved open the trap door. I had a secret too, and, for today at least, it was safe.

Definition House said...

I could completely visualize it and feel her relief. I want to know her secret! And the line about what legend and religion had in common being a grain of truth, intrigued me. Excellent 5, Kary!

Definition House said...

Loved your 5, Kary. So intriguing and I'm also dying to know her secret. Fantastic. Thanks for taking part. :)


Andrea Cooper said...

Here's mine from Prompt 1:

My toy airplane is here. When that monster rose out the water, I dropped it and ran. No one believed me. Maybe he's hiding inside? If I'm quick, maybe he won't see me.

Definition House said...

Excellent voice, Andrea. I believe him! Definitely want to see that monster. The voice drew me in and the rhyming sealed the deal. Great use of the 5!

Daryl Devore said...

Those were awesome 5 sentence stories, Kary and Andrea. My muse is sleepy right now - so I'm not going to join in.

Definition House said...

Definitely awesome stories. :) Thanks for stopping by and tweeting, Daryl!

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