Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Fun: Halloween facts brought to you by turnips and spiders and William Shatner...oh my! #spooky

It's official... October is here and there are only 27 days until Halloween!! To kick-off the spooky festivities we're sharing six facts about All Hallows Eve. So read on--if you dare...
Bwa. Ha. Ha.

Jack o' lanterns started as hollowed out turnips with candles inside them to keep away evil spirits on the Samhain holiday in Ireland.

Why are Halloween colors black and orange? 

Black represents darkness and death while orange represents the fall harvest.

Don't kill spiders--especially on Halloween! 

It's said if you see one on this most haunted of days, it's the spirit of a loved one watching over you.

Bet you thought black cats were the only cats with a bad rap. Well, in England white cats are believed to be bad luck.

Who? Me??

How about this one? 

Halloween is the third biggest party day of the year. Right after New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday.

The mask used by Michael Meyers in the movie Halloween was actually a mask of William Shatner painted white.

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Katherine said...

Halloween is one of my favorites! I didn't know about the colors...awesome!

Definition House said...

Halloween rocks! Thanks for commenting, Katherine!

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