Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Fun: Don't say her name three times. Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary... Bloody-- Eek!! #HalloweenIsComing #horror

This post brought to you by Karen, Social Media Liaison. When I was a kid one of the things that scared me more than anything was a mirror. Yup. In a dark bathroom...alone, with a mirror. Terrifying! It all started in the fourth grade at a sleepover, when a friend told me the story of Bloody Mary and then the teeth-chattering, knee-knocking game of Truth or Dare began.


Have you heard this lore? The way it was told to me was that you would go into a pitch-black bathroom at midnight, face the mirror, say Bloody Mary's name three times and the figure of a bloodied woman would appear. If you saw her and looked into her eyes she would come through the mirror and take you to the other-side, or your friends would find your brutally ripped-to-shreds body lifeless on the floor of the bathroom. Fun game, right? lol Of course, me being me, I never actually said it three times. I have an extremely vivid imagination and thought I could see something even before the third time. So, yeah, didn't do it. But ever since then, a mirror at night is one of the scariest things imaginable. Don't know what it is about the thought of someone...or something...coming out of a mirror, but it's freakin' scary!

The Bloody Mary urban legend has changed drastically over the years and mixed with several legends. Historically the ritual went like this, a girl would walk backward up a flight of stairs, holding a candle and a mirror in a darkened house. Gazing into the mirror, the girl was supposed to be able to catch a glimpse of her future husband's face. However, there was the possibility that the girl would see a skull or the face of the Grim Reaper, which meant the girl would die before marrying. The addition of saying Bloody Mary came into play because of Queen Mary Tudor who burnt people at the stake for heresy during her five-year reign as Queen of England. She also had two phantom pregnancies and several miscarriages, that's where the taunting of the woman in the mirror by saying "I stole your baby" came into play.

Random factoid: movies based on the Bloody Mary legend are Candyman, Dead Mary, and Bloody Mary.

What legends scared you growing up?

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