Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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wick1 [wik] noun 
1. A bundle or loose twist or braid of soft threads, or a woven strip or tube, as of cotton or asbestos, which in a candle, lamp, oil stove, cigarette lighter, or the like, serves to draw up the melted tallow or wax or the oil or other flammable liquid to be burned. 

verb (used with object)
2. To draw off (liquid) by capillary action.

wick2 [wik] noun 
Curling. A narrow opening in the field, bounded by other players' stones.

origin uncertain

wick3 [wik] noun 

1. British Dialect. A farm, especially a dairy farm.
2. Archaic. a village; hamlet. 

before 900; Middle English wik, wich, Old English wīc house, village (compare Old Saxon wīc, Old High German wîch ) < Latin vīcus village, estate (see vicinity); cognate with Greek oîkos house (see ecology, economy



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