Thursday, September 19, 2013

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[fawr-ij, for-] noun, verb, for·aged, for·ag·ing.


1. Food for horses or cattle; fodder; provender.

2. The seeking or obtaining of such food.

3. The act of searching for provisions of any kind.

4. A raid.

verb (used without object)

5. To wander or go in search of provisions.

6. To search about; seek; rummage; hunt: He went foraging in the attic for old mementos.

7. To make a raid.

verb (used with object)

8. To collect forage from; strip of supplies; plunder: to forage the countryside.

9. To supply with forage.

10. To obtain by foraging.


1275–1325; Middle English < Old French fourrage, derivative of fuerre fodder (< Gmc)

Related forms

for·ag·er, noun

un·for·aged, adjective



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