Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Technical Tuesday: Grammar Games (round 1). Only the correct usage survives... via @DefinitionHouse #onwriting

Today we're going to discuss the little tricky issues we don’t pay attention to until it’s too late and someone spots them for us. Which is when we're left going...


Your vs You're... The battle continues.


Your/You’re going to win. Your/You're Force is stronger than his.

A quick rule to follow is sounding it out with replacement words. If the word 'my' makes sense in the sentence then use 'your.' If it makes more sense to say 'I am' then 'you're' should be used.

So these two sentences would be: You're going to win. Your Force is stronger than his.

Pronoun struggle rages... You and me. vs You and I.

It's getting hot and heavy with you and me.


It's getting hot and heavy with you and I. 

Here's a quickie for you: Test it out by going solo. :P Remove 'you' from the sentence to see which makes sense.

It's getting hot and heavy with me. It's getting hot and heavy with I.

The 'me' wins!

Let's fight... Lie/Lay vs Lay/Laid

This one used to trip me up all the time! *growls*

Lie (past tense lay) is used when there is no object being acted on. I lie down to sleep. Yesterday, I lay down to sleep.

Lay (past tense laid) is used when the subject acts on an object. I lay the book down. Yesterday, I laid the book down.

Now, back to writing all those words!

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