Friday, September 6, 2013

Defining Definition House: Embarking on an offbeat journey... via @DefinitionHouse #epublishing #indie

What’s in a name?

There are two parts to the choosing of our company name. Dani’s had this publishing house in her head for a long time and, loving plays on words as she does, it seemed the twist on her name (D.Fine) was the perfect choice. Added to that, it speaks to the heart of our passion for books and stories--the discovery of self, and dreams, and possibilities.

Then, we chose House instead of Press or Publishing, because that’s what we want to build here. A structure that both grows and encompasses. A welcoming place. A home. 

Why did we choose a tree house?

Because a tree house is rooted but still has its head in the clouds. And that’s what we’re aiming for. We’re committed to excellence in all aspects of our business, including perfection-driven editing, professional and eye-catching covers, devotion to our authors, and a dedication to promotion and marketing. At the same time, dreaming isn’t just something we encourage, it’s part of our philosophy.

Because it has some of the childlike wonder of giving in to the imagination and creating your own worlds. We aren't just another publishing house. First and foremost, we're readers and lovers of the written word. We surreptitiously sniff the pages of new books. We weep over characters. We occasionally pet a book's cover when we finish it. Books have comforted us, challenged us, shaped us, made us laugh and cry and kept us company since we were children, and we want to celebrate that. And you. The creators. Still dreaming tree houses into castles. Still talking to your imaginary friends. Stringing together words to make universes in that most elemental of magics. And the readers. The devotees and adorers. Like us.

Having said that, Definition House won’t be a tree house forever. She’s a changeable idea, a house of the mind, morphing to suit her moods and our needs. And that’s us too. We’re doing things differently. Embarking on an offbeat journey. This makes us flexible, open to change and new ideas. To dreamers, rule-breakers, the quirky, and the uncontained.

Call for Submissions

Books are our passion. We love discovering new worlds and twists on old ones, and we want to see what makes yours unique. If you have a completed, polished manuscript in one of the genres us your work.

Chick lit,
Erotica (including BDSM and LGBT),
Fantasy (all subgenres, including Dark, Urban, Magic Realism etc.),
NA (19-23 year-old protagonist),
Science Fiction,
YA (16-19 year-old protagonist).

Call for Positions

Definition House is looking to start a family--a patchwork, cobbled-together collective of people who share our passion and brand of crazy. So, if you love the rhythm and flow of language, the way words taste in your mouth, and the weaving together of stories as much as we do--and you’re neurotic, obsessed, and anal-retentive :P--view our site for more details.

Currently we’re looking for:
Content Editors
Line Editors
Cover Artists
Trailer Producers

Can't wait to read you!


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